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Do I need to choose a round pearl when I buy one, when I really like the other shapes like baroque and circles better?

I am always dismayed by those “experts” who try to persuade you to buy something that meets their criteria rather what you like and want.

Your dollars are presumably yours by right of hard work and nobody but nobody has the right to tell you what you should do with them – assuming you’re within the law of course!

So, the answer in one sense is simple – buy what you like and want. If a pearl is speaking to you, listen to it. Don’t disregard that because someone has told you that the shape isn’t “optimal” (often meaning “round”).

I’ve actually seen that word used in an advertisement – how on earth can a real pearl be described as “optimal” or not? Optimal for what? It’s an appalling way to think of something as unique and rooted in life as a pearl.

Here are the facts – roughly 40-50% of the pearls produced in Australia are baroque in that their shape is ovoid or contains minor variations. This is an expression of the natural processes involved.

For some people, pearls with a distinctive shape like a teardrop, “flow”. They can be highly prized for use in things such as earrings or pendants. For example, the right earrings mounts can superbly maximize the flowing sense of baroque pearls and make them look stunning against your face and neck.

It is true that by tradition, though it’s far from essential, rounder pearls are used in things such as pearl necklace strings. Even so, I have seen some breathtakingly beautiful pearl strings containing what might be termed “irregular” pearls.

My answer to this is simple. Choose a beautiful pearl that speaks to you in its mounting. Don’t start trying to think whether or not it’s for you based upon gauges and arbitrary measures that mean nothing.

I’ll say it again, if the pearl or pearls are talking to you – listen!

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