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I would buy a pearl over a diamond any day

We’ve all heard the old saying “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”.

Well, in a sense that’s understandable. Diamonds are, of course, a beautiful stone. They hold their values well and the old saying implies, not very subtly, that they’re a lot more permanent and reliable than a man!

Now let me say clearly right up front, I am NOT about to try and demolish that mystique. I have no interest in trying to ‘knock’ diamonds.

However, when comparing them to pearls, there is one big misconception:

  • diamonds are vastly expensive – much more so than pearls”.

Actually, that’s not necessarily always true. A huge amount depends upon the size, quality and cut of a diamond. It’s possible to purchase modestly sized diamonds that have flaws or cutting issues, for less than the cost of a good pearl. 

There’s another thing about diamonds that always strikes me – they often look the same once you have them in a mount. Yes, they can reflect light in different ways based upon their colour and the way the light hits then but I find that their appearance is often predictable once you’ve got used to it.

By contrast, I find pearls are much more like human beings. In terms of appearance, each day brings something different. It’s also as if they’re alive and reacting to what’s going on around them, not just passively reflecting light as it falls on them.

Now some will say this is romantic nonsense. They’ll cite spectrographs, wavelength analyses and diffraction indices to “prove” that pearls can’t change much on a day to day basis.

That’s all fine but it means nothing to me. I find peals to be alive, unpredictable and uniquely vibrant in their appearance. Diamonds are beautiful but for me at least, they’re not quite in the same league.     

Of course, I would choose a top-quality diamond over a mediocre quality pearl but I don’t deal in ordinary pearls. So, a more sensible question would be would I choose a nice diamond or a nice pearl?

For me, it’s a no-brainer. Peals win every time!

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