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The PERFECT Gift for EVERY Occasion

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What makes Lust Pearls so beautiful, where the pearls are embellished with diamonds?

I am often heard speaking passionately about the great natural beauty of natural pearls.

It’s not that unusual to then have someone ask a question to the effect of “if pearls are so magnificently beautiful in their natural state, why do you put diamonds in them?

OK, it’s a fair question…….so let me explain.

Our designs do not for one-second take as a start point that we can somehow “improve” upon nature.  What we can do though is to enhance and augment nature’s wonderful gift of pearls and their effect.

This is nothing new. For centuries, people have added things to pearls to highlight their beauty. That might have been gold mounts or strings so they could be displayed around the neck etc. In other words, people want to highlight the beauty of their pearls not to somehow improve them.

I believe that diamonds, when expertly selected and positioned around a peal, can result in a breath-taking effect. That isn’t just my view but also that of many of our customers.

This is one of those things that just can’t be described. It has to be seen and felt and even our great catalogues can’t really do justice to the effect.

Now, I accept that while I feel that way and many others do too, some of our clients don’t and they prefer styles that do not have an embellishment of diamonds. Those styles emphasise the natural pearl and that’s fine.

I personally wear embellished or natural style pearls as my mood dictates. If I’m looking to make an assertive statement and really catch the eye, I might choose styles that contain diamonds. If my mood is a little quieter and the surroundings more subdued, I might choose a more natural pearl display.

In the final analysis – it’s all in the eye of the beholder. I think diamonds and pearls work superbly well together and I hope you will too!

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