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When is too many pearls, too many to wear at one time?

There’s really no easy answer to this one.

For a start, it’s not a question of quantity. Most of us have a sense of colour coordination and if we have even one pearl on that doesn’t match our overall outfit colour scheme, then it’s one pearl too many.

Another possibility is that sometimes we have a relatively small number of pearls on but they don’t match in terms of colour.  It’s in the eye of the beholder but of course, again, two pearls is one too many if their luminescence clashes one with the other.


True, you can’t entirely ignore the quantity question. Here though, it can get very complicated.

Let’s talk for a second about something different to illustrate the issue more clearly – diamonds.

Few people would look at the Queen or a royal princess at a big gala dinner, then describe their diamonds as “overdone”! That’s because the event and backdrop fits the display.  By contrast; we’d probably admit to seeing someone else wearing lots of diamond jewellery and thinking “wow, that’s far too much sparkly stuff”.

In the same fashion, you could wear a full range of coordinated pearl jewellery for say a formal dinner and be described as “stunning”. Wear the same pearls to a neighbour’s dinner party and you might notice a few behind-the-hand comments coming in your direction.

So, my top tips to answer this question:

  • don’t get hung up on quantity. Think instead about; 
  • colour coordination with your outfit; 
  • coordination between the individual pearl components and their colours (assuming they weren’t purchased as a matched set); 
  • the background event you’re planning to wear them at.

Let your answers guide you and don’t worry that you might be missing some magic equation that you can use to calculate just how many pearls you can wear!

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