The PERFECT Gift for EVERY Occasion

The PERFECT Gift for EVERY Occasion

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I want to buy my man a piece of pearl jewellery, what do I buy?

A female friend of mine once said:

it’s easy to buy for a man – absolutely any toy will keep him happy for weeks”.

Well, even many men would agree there’s a degree of truth in that. We all know about “boy’s toys” and “man caves” etc. (!)

However, if you want to do something different and buy the man in your life a piece of eternal pearl jewellery, what are your options?

 Well, it’s a fact that a lot of thought is still required. Things are changing fast and many men ARE now wearing items including necklaces, bangles, and pendants again. So, many of the things you’ll find in the typical woman’s jewellery drawer are also going to be found now in some men’s

The good news is that we at Lust Pearls have a range of beautiful pearl jewellery designed with men in mind.

True, only you know the man. Some men are now happy wearing (e.g.) necklaces but equally some won’t be. The same is true of many different types of jewellery where age can be a factor, as younger men might be more responsive to some sorts of jewellery than more mature men (and vice-versa).

This is a complication that typically doesn’t apply to women because most of us would be prepared to wear almost any piece of jewellery if we liked it and we also thought it suited us. By contrast, some men won’t wear a specific type of jewellery because they associate it with femininity.

Those old views are declining in the world but again, only you know the man and his preferences.

It’s also worth remembering that we offer a magnificent range of accessories including tie pins and cufflinks. Most men really value the style and exclusivity of that range.

Why not browse our men’s collection and see if you’re inspired. I think you will be!

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