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How do pearls make you feel when you see them and hold them?

This is an interesting question and one I wonder a lot about.

It’s true, of course, that I have no way of knowing how you might feel about them. All jewellery and particularly pearls, is a very personal thing.

For example, some people like very bold and statement-oriented pearls. Others prefer much smaller and more discreet examples. Then there are those who like to have different pearls for different occasions or simply to reflect their changing moods from one day to another.

All these are perfectly valid sentiments and reasons and others can be added to the list. A good illustration is the ability of pearls to communicate to others that you’re a person of taste, refinement and some financial standing. Pearls have been used for that purpose for thousands of years.

What I can say though is how pearls make me feel when I see and hold them.

I personally am not immediately struck by financial thoughts. True, I’m a professional and I can’t help almost instinctively appraising the quality, beauty and value of a pearl when I see it. However, that’s not really the sentiment that hits me hard.

What I feel about a pearl initially is a sense of wonder. Just how could a natural process and one that arguably has its origins in a problem (i.e. the irritation in the shell of the mollusc) lead to the creation of such beauty? It’s an emotional feeling that for me at least, has never gone away.

Then I’m struck by the beauty of the pearl and how it manages to both reflect but also enhance its immediate environment through a dazzling display of colour and light. I’m also romantic enough to try and imagine the formation of this wonderful thing as it sat under water for all that time.

I don’t think I can summarise all that other than by saying peals have a simple effect on me – “Awe”! 

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