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How Could I Wear Pearls on my Wedding Day?

Now this is a tricky area because people can get very, VERY obsessed about superstitions.

True, this might not only be a superstition issue. It might also be acolour coordination one because sometimesvery white pearls can be a little lost on an equally white background. That’s perhaps not the look you’re intending but let’s assume here that you’ll deal with that through your owncolour coordination and dress designer services.

Let’s get back to spooky stuff!

In terms of the design impact, pearls can of course be worn in various ways on a wedding dress. In the past they’ve been sown onto the dress or veils, worn as earrings (by men and women) or in conventional strings. It’s really up to you how and in what fashion you wear your pearls on your big day – if you choose to do so.

The superstition element comes in because there are three widespread beliefs:

  • wearing pearls on your big day is bad luck;
  • wearing pearls on your big day is good luck;
  • wearing pearls of a given colour (white, black, rose etc.) is good/bad luck.

Now a lot depends upon whether or not you’re superstitious. Some people are and others not. Those views can also vary considerably by which of the above you believe.

There isn’t any particular cultural correlation I know of. The origin of these superstitions is also far from clear but it seems unlikely that they’re that ancient.

All the above superstitions do share a view that pearls on a wedding dress symbolise tears. There though the beliefs diverge with some saying it means you’ll shed no more tears (i.e. good luck) and some that it indicates that you’re going to shed lots of tears during your marriage (bad luck).

What I can say is that pearls on a wedding dress can look absolutely magnificent. I wouldn’t for one second though, try to tell you which superstition to believe!

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