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Where are the Biggest South Sea Pearls Grown in the World?

This is a question I’m often asked and am very happy to discuss but right at the outset, do remember that the rarity and value of a pearl is made up by many things and size is only one of them!

Right, onto business.

Nobody disputes that South Sea pearls are statistically the largest in the world. They’re found in Australia and a number of other countries around the world. In terms of size, they can be up to 20mm in diameter though it’s worth stressing that the larger pearls of that size (or close to it) are exceedingly rare. As you’ll imagine, they command premium prices.

In a sense, the answer’s easy and one can say “Australia”!  However, life’s rarely quite so straightforward.

When one starts talking about the biggest individual pearl, it becomes quite complicated. If you do an online search for the largest pearl ever found, you’ll find multiple sources all providing different information (including claims for one that’s on display in Broome, WA). 

It also starts becoming complicated if you start to differentiate between natural pearls and cultivated pearls.

In our opinion, it’s best to think about pearls in terms of their average size and quality. In that context, we believe the answer is clear and it’s South Sea pearls from Australia.

Remember though that large pearls don’t always necessarily suit everyone. Matching you to your ideal pearl or pearls is about your personality, personal style and sense of being.  For example, if you’re small and petite then you may feel that a modest sized pearl is far more in keeping with how you see yourself and how you want your pearls to complement your look.  If you like to be noticed and love jewellery to stand out then a larger pearl with more unique shaping, internal characteristics and colour will be more to your style.

The choices are so varied and wanting.

Why not contact us to learn more about how we can help you find pearls that were created by nature just for you!

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