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What Does Style and Design Mean for Jewellery?

Entire libraries have been filled with books on what exactly “design” and “style” mean. Universities are also full of design lecturers and students discussing the same subject.

So, you’ll understand that I’m a bit intimidated trying to cover this topic in a brief blog!  Even so, I’ll do my best - so here goes…

These two subjects are highly subjective.

 We’ve all read newspaper stories criticising galleries for displaying an umbrella tied to two bricks and describing it as “contemporary design” (a made-up example by the way).  Equally though, it’s possible to look at some examples of Victorian jewellery that at the time were considered masterpieces of style and design but which now look dated, sentimental and over-fussy.

Tastes change over time and vary from person to person.

However, here at Lust Jewellery we believe many things are universal when considering jewellery designs and I’ll list my personal views here:

  • Typically, the pieces need to look right for the time. True, some retro styles do blossom at times but normally design needs to look contemporary. 
  • There is a time for pieces to be deliberately understated, and others where there needs to be more going on in the design or the piece. 
  • Design needs to consider the why? This question alone can allow the mind to be creative and thoughtful. 
  • Don’t forget the classics, they are still loved and work beautifully in many aspects. So are not be discarded. They can be the basis of a whole new look. 
  • Jewellery design needs to be eye-catching, and balanced. 
  • Textures and edges. I love this subject. There are so many textures in the components which go with pearl jewellery and I include the pearl itself in this statement.  There is a beauty in the texture of the pearl. The feel. How do we finish the metals?  The golds and silvers etc do not only give the visual outcome but the feel of the piece.  With this section I also include the weight of the overall piece?  There are so many elements to give an overall holistic look and feel. 
  • Innovation: We generate the new and the innovation can be in any aspect of the completed piece. 
  • All the elements are considered and completed with balance for the final piece. 
  • Consideration to the gems and metal components being used. The final piece is a cohesive whole. What do I mean by this is? I’ve seen pearls that have been effectively ‘blotted out’ by their over-elaborate and ostentatious mounts. Elements need to be complementary. 
  • The jewellery is crafted with interest and even love – not simply put together with a manufacturing mentality. This also implies a degree of personalisation. People are different and jewellery design needs to take this into account by creating a number of different styles to accommodate for varying tastes.

Does this give a true definition of style and design?  Well, I doubt it but it might give you an insight into our design ethos here at Lust Pearls!

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