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The PERFECT Gift for EVERY Occasion

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Pearl Ring

How to Find your Ring Size

If you’re thinking about buying one of our stunningly beautiful pearl rings, here are a few tips about how to go about taking your ring size:

  • buy a ring size gauge. These can be purchased online for as little as $5-$10 but remember there are differences between Australian or US sizes; 
  • if you have a friendly local jeweller, they’ll usually tell you your ring size in a few seconds by using one of their gauges; 
  • you can use a piece of string or tape to give you the circumference of your finger and then use online conversion charts to work out your ring size. This can be rather imprecise though and isn’t really recommended; 
  • if you’re using the string method, do please remember that the joint in your finger may be wider than where the ring will actually sit. It’s normally sensible to add about a half-size to compensate for that if you’re using the string/tape method; 
  • if you have something like a Vernier gauge, you could take the diameter of your finger and again then use one of the conversion tables mentioned above. This would be slightly more accurate than the string/tape approach but still isn’t recommended when you have access to a ring gauge.

Above all though, why not talk to us first? As you’ll appreciate, there is nothing about fitting rings that we haven’t heard before and we’re experts in the domain.

Don’t forget as well that resizing of rings that don’t quite fit is usually possible and it is in most cases not a complicated process. So, if you’ve inherited one of our rings or had one as a gift, only to find it doesn’t quite fit, then don’t fret!

Just contact us and we’ll resolve things for you very rapidly indeed.

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