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Protect your Pearls

Pearls are relatively strong but they are one of the softer materials used in jewellery.

So, it’s important to take care of them and here are a few top tips relating to avoiding damage:

  • don’t clean them in ultrasonic machines; 
  • if you’re using an aerosol or spray perfume, deodorant or hairspray, do so before putting on your pearl jewellery
  • avoid wearing your pearls when cooking. Some ingredients which have a slightly higher acid content (e.g. vinegar) can be damaging to a pearl’s surface and lustre. The same is true for some stronger household cleaning agents; 
  • don’t expose them to excessive heat – such as hot air blasts when opening an oven door; 
  • try to not store pearls in a box alongside other jewellery – unless they’re in a separate protective silk or similar (but not airtight) bag. They may get scratched otherwise; 
  • a constant exposure to still and very dry air can cause some pearls to dry out and change colour unless they’re protected. So, avoid storing them in plastic bags for that reason plus plastic can exude certain trace chemicals that are harmful to pearls; 
  • if you have a string of valuable pearls that you wear fairly frequently, it’s worth considering a periodic re-string perhaps every second year or so. That’s because older strings may accumulate dirt and corrosives that can be an issue; 
  • there are various cleaning techniques and materials that can and should be adopted but these vary somewhat depending upon the nature of the item. Please talk to us before doing anything and above all, avoid simply getting ‘stuck into’ your pearls with a toothbrush and detergent etc. Never use any general purpose “miracle cleaners”. That could be catastrophic; 
  • a final good safety tip based on many years of experience “make sure your pearls are the very last thing you put on when going out and the very first thing you take off when you get home”!


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