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A short history on South Sea pearls in Australia

It’s sometimes overlooked that Australia is one of the world’s great pearl-producing centres.


It’s only really in the later 20th century that Australian history was revised away from an almost exclusive focus onBritish and European settlement to include the Aboriginal or First Nations people.  This is important because the facts remind us that pearl fishing in Australia and the Torres Islands started long before the first Europeans arrived.

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What do I look for when buying South Sea pearls?

South Sea pearls

I’m often asked what I look for when I’m searching for and procuring the exceptional South Seas pearls that are used by Lust Pearls.

Let me be clear – I am not interested in buying cheap or compromising on quality. I have very demanding standards and nothing but the finest quality pearls make it into my possession and the catalogue of Lust Pearls’ creative designs.

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Lust Pearls, who are we and what do we do?

Lust Pearls Jewellery

This is a question we’re asked regularly.  There is an extensive background of our founder and company, elsewhere on our site but a quick refresh in the form of a blog never does any harm!

It all started many yearsago, when Jill was captivated not only by pearls but the entire culture and mystique that surrounds them.  She was determined to build her professional life around these incredibly beautiful gems and was lucky enough to be able to do so through Lust Pearls.

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Top Tips for Buying Pearl Jewellery Online

If you’re considering buying pearl jewellery online, some of the following tips should prove helpful.

Be clear what you’re looking for

Pearls can be considered as coming into three categories:

  • naturally occurring at random in the wild (typically the most expensive and rare today); 
  • naturally produced by molluscs with human intervention to stimulate the process (these are often called cultivated pearls); 
  • These may range from essentially plastic to a wide variety of more exotic materials. Purists would not typically describe these products as pearls.

If all other things are equal, the above is the descending order of typical price levels.

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Pearl Diving ‘Girls’ in Japan

One of the commonest questions we hear relates to the so-called ‘pearl diving girls’ of Japan.

Let’s clear up a few mysteries and misconceptions!

In Japan, for over a thousand years, natural pearls were sought after and brought to the surface by the ‘Ama’ – a word that very roughly translates to “woman of the sea”.

The term used in English is often “girls” but that is fundamentally wrong.  The vast majority of the Ama were mature women andmany continued diving into their 80s and even 90s.

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Understanding the Use of 9ct versus 18ct Gold

In gold, the higher the carat / karat (sometimes abbreviated to “ct” and “K”) the higher the purity of the gold is.

If everything else is equal, such as weight, the higher the carat number is, the more expensive the gold will be.

This sometimes leads into questions as to why a jeweller might use18ct not 22ct/24ct and why on some 18ct pieces, there might be fittings of 9ct.  This is easy to explain!

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How to Find your Ring Size

Pearl Ring

If you’re thinking about buying one of our stunningly beautiful pearl rings, here are a few tips about how to go about taking your ring size:

  • buy a ring size gauge. These can be purchased online for as little as $5-$10 but remember there are differences between Australian or US sizes; 
  • if you have a friendly local jeweller, they’ll usually tell you your ring size in a few seconds by using one of their gauges; 

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Protect your Pearls

Pearl Jewellery

Pearls are relatively strong but they are one of the softer materials used in jewellery.

So, it’s important to take care of them and here are a few top tips relating to avoiding damage:

  • don’t clean them in ultrasonic machines; 
  • if you’re using an aerosol or spray perfume, deodorant or hairspray, do so before putting on your pearl jewellery
  • avoid wearing your pearls when cooking. Some ingredients which have a slightly higher acid content (e.g. vinegar) can be damaging to a pearl’s surface and lustre. The same is true for some stronger household cleaning agents; 

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Stirling Nomination for Lust Pearls

"We are a finalist for the Stirling Business Awards nominated for the Most Innovative Business of the Year

The three finalists are

Lust Pearls
WayPoint Training & Consulting

We will be celebrating small business at our Gala Awards Night onFriday, 19 May 2017 to find out if we are a winner."

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Our Contribution to Community


Jill has been a key sponsor of Breast Cancer Care WA for the past 11 years straight.  She has made continual contributions to this worth while local charity who helps those who are suffering and their families in very practical ways when dealing with Breast Cancer.

Thank you, BCC for all the wonderful work you do for women and men of WA

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Our Jewellery on display in New York…

Australian supplier Lust Pearls has taken to the world stage…

… having been selected to participate in a jewellery event in New York and subsequently featured in…

Rapaport Magazine..

We wanted to share our excitement

with you …

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Want to know a Great Magazine for all your Bridal Needs?

Lust Pearls is delighted with our appearance in the Western Australia Wedding and Bride Magazine. Or we should call it a book, because at over 500 pages of local Perth wedding related material, it’s a treasure for every bride, and at only $6.95, it is a valuable resource for the 'bride-to-be'.

We are featured in several pages of Wedding & Bride which focuses on contemporary ideas and innovative editorials. 

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Breast Cancer Care WA

I am a long term and proud supporter and sponsor of the Long Table Lunch and in the earlier years was on the committee for Breast Cancer Care.

This Sunday 2nd April, Lust Pearls proudly donates a special piece of pearl jewellery as a fabulous door prize for one lucky winner each year.

This year’s lucky door prize winner will receive the elegant Lust Serenity chain pendant of 18ct yellow gold with 0.01ct diamond and a 9-10mm Tahitian South Sea pearl embellished with 0.16ct brilliant cut white diamonds.

Congratulations to Jonnene, the lucky winner of the Lust pendant valued at $2,200.

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Ring of Fire makes front page of Rapaport Magazine

The Rapaport Group is an international network of companies providing added-value services that support the development of fair, transparent, efficient, and competitive diamond and jewellery markets.

Established in 1976, the Group has over 20,000 clients in 118 countries. Group activities include Rapaport Information Services providing research, analysis and news;

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Bec Caldwell wearing Lust Pearls is at the Oscars

Red carpet in LA at the Oscars! So proud of you Bec Caldwell from Mash Media! Put it out there into the universe and you can achieve anything you put your mind to! Thanks again to Jill and Peter from Lust Pearls for your exclusive and unique pieces that set off the stunningly gorgeous dress from Louise Scanlan from Ignite the Night! And to Tracy Tuckey from Mira Clinic for working your magic ;) Can't wait to hear all about the stars and after parties Bec Caldwell!xxx

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Jill is a guest panellist at International Women’s Day event held by Deloitte’s in Perth 8th March 2017

Empower a woman, empower a nation. 

Together we can empower women across the globe.

International Women’s Day is celebrated around the world on March 8th. 

IWD is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women. It is also a day to review how far women have come in their struggle for equality, peace and development.

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Lust Pearls has joined Ookus in the promotion of stunning pearl jewellery

Ookus is a new concept in crowd funding platform for you to achieve your dream experience.

It works by enabling you to pursue your dreams in two simple steps

First, create your Dream lists from curated content for those special moments in your life and those of your friends, or simply because you deserve it

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Lust Pearls featured at ACBC Chinese New Year Gala Dinner 16 February 2017

I am proud to say this is the fourth year in a row that I have had Lust Pearls is a key sponsor providing pearl jewellery for the MC’s to wear including Pearl drop earrings and pearl ring for her, and pearl bracelet and pearl cufflinks for him. 

This prestigious annual event is where all the local businesses who trade with China attend as well as some of the major Chinese corporates and mining companies.

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Valentine’s Day Special Offer 14 February 2017

Lust Pearls has put together a great bonus for those discerning buyers of fine pearl jewellery

Once you have spent $2,000 or more on buying pearl jewellery online your Valentine you will receive a FREE pair of heart shaped 18ct gold stud earrings with diamonds valued at $699 a pair.

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Lust Pearls winner of "Most Innovative Enterprise" In 23rd Belmont & WA Small Business Awards

The winners were showcased at the ‘Night of Stars Event’ in the ballroom of the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.  The awards providing a fantastic opportunity for small and growing enterprises from across Western Australia to be recognised for their achievements.

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Lust Pearls wins "Most Innovative Enterprise Award"

It is with great pride that we have just received the "2016 Most Innovative Enterprise Award" at the Small Business Awards held at The Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre on Wednesday the 26th of October.

The Award was presented to Jill by the Federal Minister for Small Business his Hon Michael McCormack.

It was made in recognition for our outstanding contribution in business excellence, with our unique and innovative Lust Pearls range of trade marked designer jewellery.

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