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Sophistic pearl strand... Beauty

Sales price: AU$ 24199.00
Design Code : ls106.01

Tahitian stranded pearls 10-11.6mm, 44 pieces, round in shape, high lustred, embellished with 4.15ct brilliant cut white diamonds.

This strand has been designed to show a flurry of diamonds as a feature in the front of the this exquisite pearl strand.

To feature the front of the strand it has been beautifully embellished with diamonds. The pearls following up the sides are randamly set.

Completed, this is a one and half length strand, which features an 18ct white gold interchangeable clasp at the centre back.

The clasp is further embellished with a spray of diamonds.

This clasp can be worn as a separate piece of jewellery using an interchangeable neckwire that is a gift to you, complimentary from Lust Pearls.....

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