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Questions We Often Hear

Is there a guarantee on quality of work?

Yes, we have a 7 Point Industry Leading “Peace of Mind” Guarantee:

  • We Guarantee if after you receive Lust Pearls as a gift and you don’t absolutely love wearing it, it is not the last piece you take off at the end of the day, if you don’t feel like $1 million dollars when you wear it or you don’t believe it is the perfect pearl for you… simply return it in the condition you received it from us and we will refund your money (minus any foreign duties and charges paid on your behalf.)
  • We Guarantee your Lust Pearls jewellery is made to the highest standard. All materials are of the highest quality and the workmanship is world class! You are guaranteed to turn heads and stand out in a crowd.
  • We Guarantee your Lust Pearls jewellery is exactly what we say it is. We document the details of the item on your Lust Authenticity Certificate and your receipt of purchase for your insurer.
  • We Guarantee if in the highly unlikely event of any manufacture defect of your piece of jewellery or defective setting of the diamonds into the pearl you have a 2 year guarantee.
    In this rare circumstance, your Lust Pearls piece will be repaired or replaced at no cost to you. In the rare case of diamond loss, as long as the care instructions have been followed, the diamond will be replaced.
  • We Guarantee for the Premium and Luxury Service to deliver your Lust Pearls jewellery perfectly presented for that someone special. This includes a presentation box, and jewellery sachet to protect the jewellery (for the occasions it is impractical to take your Lust Pearls in their box). For the Luxury Service the gift will be delivered with no fuss, international taxes or costs to the receiver.
    Your order will be promptly sent to your nominated address anywhere in the world where there is a first class valuables shipping network. All Australian shipments will be by Platinum Express.
  • We Guarantee to keep in contact with you and return your calls or emails promptly.
  • We Guarantee any valuation done by Lust Pearls is from an independent source to ensure the value of your investment. You have peace of mind that the value of your piece of jewellery has not been inflated in any way.